June 1, 2019 | 6.30pm | Palazzo del Turismo

After the war: Afghanistan

Screening of the film shortlisted in the “Reportage Medium” section, followed by a Q&A with the authors. Free entry.

Screenings & Awards

DIG Awards “Reportage Medium”, screening
After the War: Afghanistan
by Rodrigo Hernández [Spain/Venezuela 2018, 25′ (v.o. sott.)]

Afghanistan is an empires cemetery. First, they were invaded by the British, then by the Soviets and ultimately by the United States. None of these empires defeated them. 17 years after the last military intervention, led by Washington, Rodrigo Hernández came to Afghanistan to discover the consequences.

Afghanistan is the poorest and more illiterate Asian country. The sectarian divisions and the insurgent groups that offer their protection are growing. The Taliban are regaining some of the lost ground and they control almost half of the country.

A territory contested by the Al Qaeda leftovers and the emergent Daesh. A war of all against all with more than 50,000 dead.

After the War is a documentary series focused on recent conflicts where the wounds are still fresh. Reporters lead us to know the images and testimonies of the true protagonists: civilians exposed to the social, political, economic and territorial breakdown caused by wars.