June 1, 2019 | 3.00pm | Palazzo del Turismo

Disclose. Inside the French digital journalism startup that speaks truth to power

Presentation by Alexandre Brachet (Upian), Mathias Destal and Geoffrey Livolsi (Disclose). Free entry. 

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Disclose is the first non-profit investigative newsroom in France. It launched in November 2018 and is funded by donations and its members. Disclose’s founding principle is that information is a public good and its journalism has one objective: to reveal abuses and hold powers to account.

Disclose’s investigative journalism is entirely independent focused on the public interest, without subscription and made accessible to the largest possible audience. Their latest investigation, Made in France, has made headlines and caused political turmoil in the French Parliament.

At DIG we welcome the co-founder of Disclose, Mathias Destal and Geoffrey Livolsi. Alexandre Brachet, CEO of Upian, will host the discussion.