June 2, 2019 | 4.15pm | Palazzo del Turismo

Screening: “Elalab: Zé Wants to Know Why”

Screening of the film shortlisted in the “Reportage Medium” section, followed by a Q&A with the authors. Free entry.

Screenings & Awards

DIG Awards “Reportage Medium”, screening
Elalab: Zé Wants to Know Why
by Diogo Cardoso and Sofia da Palma Rodrigues
Portugal 2018, 27′ (v.o. sott.)

In recent years, the inhabitants of Elalab – a remote village in Guinea-Bissau – have been embroiled in an uphill battle against rising sea levels. Zé is one of the oldest men in the community and his recollections represent the collective memories, anxieties and fears.

“Why is this happening?” he asks. The inhabitants of Elalab don’t know what global warming is, they haven’t even ever heard the term, but they describe all its effects, against which they are forced to fight, with upsetting accuracy.