June 1, 2019 | 4.30pm | Palazzo del Turismo

Inside data’s black box

After the Facebook scandals, did online democracy and transparency improve? A debate between Frederike Kaltheuner and Jillian York, moderated by Philip Di Salvo

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In 2018, the topic of how tech companies exploit and abuse our online data went mainstream finally.

The role of platforms and the lack of transparency in social networks went under fire in parliaments, institutions, even among those companies’ employees themselves.

How did that ‘trial’ evolve? How did the defendants react and respond to the debate? Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, was put in the hot seat and questioned wether his company ever valued – and respected – its users’ fundamental privacy rights.

But the problem goes well beyond the kingdom of Facebook, touching basically every web-based service that monetises our attention and online behaviour: how can we fix – or just think about – this mess without collapsing into a vortex of moral panic?

Some of the greatest experts of the datafied society will try to answer this question at DIG: Frederike Kaltheuner from Privacy International and Jillian York from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The debate will be moderated by Philip Di Salvo of the European Journalism Observatory.