May 31, 2019 | 6.00pm | Palazzo del Turismo

Narcos: investigating the white line connecting LatAm to Europe

Panel discussion with Luis Adorno, Cecilia Anesi, Nathan Jaccard, Calogero Gaetano Paci and Gian Guido Nobili. In english. Free entry.

Talks & Presentations

The ‘ndrangheta drug traffickers feel at home in Latin America, thanks to their relationships with the most powerful Brazilian and Colombian cartels. To unravel some truth about these connections, journalists from IRPI, OCCRP and UOL Notícias worked together for months. What did they find out?

This question is answered by three journalists and a magistrate working on the front line in the fight against drug trafficking. Calogero Gaetano Paci, deputy prosecutor of Reggio Calabria will talk about the Acero-Krupy case that connects Italy, Holland, Canada and South America, while reporters Luis Adorno and Nathan Jaccard will describe the situation on the ground in Brazil and Colombia.

Finally, Cecilia Anesi from IRPI will present the findings of a transcontinental journalistic investigation that investigated the Pollino and Picciotteria judicial operations. Moderated by Gian Guido Nobili, head of security and legality in ​​the Emilia-Romagna Region.