June 1, 2019 | 4.45pm | Palazzo del Turismo

The President’s Bodyguards Wealth

Screening of the film shortlisted in the “Investigative Medium” section, followed by a Q&A with the authors. Free entry.

Screenings & Awards

DIG Awards “Investigative Medium”, screening
President’s Bodyguards Wealth
by Roman Anin [Russia 2018, 16′ (v.o. sott.)]

Once responsible just for his physical security, President Vladimir Putin’s bodyguards now have impressive titles – and land worth many millions in Russia’s most expensive region. The workers and pensioners who previously held the property say they were swindled out of it.

This 16-minutes documentary shows land transfer scheme, and also tells about people who have suffered from this and are trying to get justice till this day.

The broadcasting of the report resulted in a chain reaction of political decisions in Belgium: parliamentary questions, more stringent standards or field replacements. An investigation that could put the precautionary principle at the centre of the debate.