June 1, 2019 | 10.30pm | Piazzale Ceccarini

Screening: “The Cleaners”

Screening of the film shortlisted in the “Masters” section. Introduction by Philip Di Salvo (EJO) e Jillian York (Electronic Frontier Foundation). Free entry.

Screenings & Awards

DIG Awards “Masters”, screening
The Cleaners
by Hans Block e Moritz Riesewieck
Germany/Brasil 2018, 88′
introduction by Philip Di Salvo (EJO) e Jillian York (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

At their very inception, social media networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter claimed to be creating a global community unlimited by geographical or economic boundaries. The idea was through greater communication comes greater understanding. But in recent times these social media networks have faced a sinister challenge. Terrorist propaganda and radicalized opinions are rife on such sites to the extent that they are now fuelling systemic political change and sporadic acts of genocide. Laws and guidelines have been set up to censor controversial content.

Yet Silicon Valley has its own secret: a set of rules, criteria and processes by which its companies can curate the material posted to their sites. While the policies on permissible content are written in Silicon Valley, the global headquarter for content moderation is in Manila in the Philippines. Tens of thousands of young people are employed here as digital scavengers, moderating thousands upon thousands of troubling images and videos during the course of a ten-hour shift.