DIG is a cultural association that has been supporting journalism, and in particular investigative journalism in all its forms, in Italy and around the world since 2015. Our motto is: “I wanna be your watchdog”.

We are a small team of professionals who strongly believe in DIG’s mission to promote and defend quality journalism. Get in touch: info@dig-awards.org.

The board

Alberto NerazziniPresident

Alberto is the president of DIG. He works as an investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker and podcaster.

Valerio BassanVice-President

Valerio is the vice president of DIG. He works as a journalist, digital strategist and consultant.

Philip Di SalvoBoard

Philip is a researcher, academic and journalist. He is a member of the DIG board.

Francesca CoinBoard

Francesca is a sociologist who works on labor and social inequalities. She writes for several newspapers, including Internazionale.

Davide FondaBoard

Davide is a videomaker and journalist. He is a co-founder of the DIG Association and a board member of DIG.

DIG Festival Team

Francesca ModenaHead of Production

Francesca is senior project manager and copywriter. For DIG she oversees the organizational coordination of the cinema programme.

Andrea ZiniSenior Creative Director

Andrea is a creative producer with over 20 years of experience. At DIG he is responsible for coordinating identity and creative production.

Giulia BononiSenior Assistant Producer

Giulia is a senior production assistant with a background in marketing and project management. At DIG she is responsible for managing the organization of the festival.

Francesca MinozziHead of Logistics

Francesca is senior project and event manager. For DIG, she manages the organizational and logistical aspects of the Festival.

Silvia LanfranchiSocial Media Editor

Silvia is a social media specialist and art director. For DIG, she takes care of the social communication of the event.

Anna RasioAssistant Producer

Anna is a production assistant at DIG. She has collaborated in the creation and organization of several local and national festivals.

BunkerIdentity and Visuals

Bunker is an independent cultural design studio, specializing in publishing and web design, directed by Frederic Argazzi and Francesco Ceccarelli. Since 2021, it has curated the identity and visual communication of DIG.