9 october 2020 | 14.15 – 15:15 | Cinema Astra, Sala Rubino | Ticket: 3€

Anatomy of a Bribe

Screening of the movie | Q&A with the authors

Screenings & Awards

Al Jazeera Investigative Unit | Qatar, 50′
Screening in original language with English subtitles

Anatomy of a Bribe provides a remarkable insight into the complex methods used by foreign companies to corrupt politicians in Africa. Using confidential documents provided to Al Jazeera by Wikileaks, the film exposes the government ministers willing to sell off Namibia’s assets in return for millions of dollars in illegal payments.

Undercover journalists spent three months posing as foreign investors looking to exploit the lucrative Namibian fishing Industry. The Minister of Fisheries is seen willing to accept a $200,000 ‘donation’. Exclusive testimony from a whistleblower reveals that Iceland’s largest fishing company was prepared to bribe ministers and even the president in return for fishing rights worth hunderds of millions of dollars. The investigation convulsed Namibia and led to the imprisonment of two ministers and numerous public officials.