11 october 2020 | 21.30 | S. Carlo Church | Ticket: €20

C’mon Tigre: Silence is so freakin’ loud

A headphone concert by an enigmatic and refined music collective, fusing Afro jazz and electronic in an unusual venue: a church

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Rooted in the Mediterranean Sea, and fascinated by the African continent and the Middle East, C’mon Tigre have shaped an unusual language fusing jazz, Afro jazz, hip hop, and electronic.

The collective has never lingered over one style, and constantly pushes the boundaries of musical exploration. Their work couldn’t but embrace visual arts, as their long-term collaboration with artist Gianluigi Toccafondo shows.

DIG 2020, under the eye of its watchdog created by Toccafondo himself, is happy to host an exciting headphone concert by C’mon Tigre in an unusual venue.