Daniela Pes, a unique concert at DIG Festival 2023

The Sardinian artist will perform on Sept. 24 at the Church of San Carlo. Opening the night, Alessandro Baris

Language becomes sound. Sound becomes utopia.

On Sunday, September 24, Daniela Pes will headline the final evening of DIG Festival 2023, in Modena, with an exclusive concert inside a unique location, the baroque church of San Carlo.

Tickets can be purchased on DICE at this link.

The Sardinian artist, born in 1992 and with a jazz background, shines for her absolute compositional freedom and her unique ability to deconstruct the song form, moving between ambient, folk and electronic music. An atypical personality in the Italian musical scene, she stands out for her use of voice as an instrument and her experimental work with language.

Her type of singing is, in fact, based on a language that does not exist yet. Ancient Sardinian words, fragments of Italian terms and entirely made-up idioms are used to build verses freed from metrics. For Pes, words are not vehicles of a concept, but pure sound, like grains of an articulated phonetic rosary, inaccessible from a rational point of view but intoxicating from an emotional point of view.

SPIRA, her first record produced by Italian artist Iosonouncane, was awarded the prestigious Targa Tenco 2023 as best debut album.

Opening the concert will be a set by multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Baris presenting “Sintesi,” his most recent work suspended between dark electronics, ambient and rhythmic textures, on which Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Lisa Papineau and Emma Nolde collaborated on vocals, accompanied by visuals by Luigi Honorat and Fabio Volpi.

Daniela Pes + Alessandro Baris
24 September 2023 H 21.00
S. Carlo Church – Modena

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