DIG announces new 2020 Festival dates

Beloved DIG community, we hope you’re safe. We’re back with a few updates about the 2020 DIG Festival.

After monitoring closely the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic in Italy and worldwide, we changed our plans regarding our annual 3-days event devoted to investigative journalism.

Previously scheduled for late spring, the DIG Festival will now take place from October 8 to October 11, 2020. We can confirm that we will have a new home: the beautiful city of Modena, Italy.

Our priority at this stage is to protect our community, our attendees, our speakers and the citizens of Modena.Following the rescheduling of the Festival, we are also extending the deadlines for the 2020 DIG Awards application window.

Please take note of the new extendend deadlines:

      – May 31st: Submission deadline – All categories, except the Pitch
      – June 21st: Submission deadline – DIG Pitch

You can read and download the updated Call for entries for the DIG Awards on our website in English or Italian. Please note that the projects submitted so far will still be considered valid and included in the competition.

For now, stay safe and inside. We’ll see you soon.
The DIG team