Investigative Long

For released or unreleased investigative works that are up to 90 minutes long. Through an original source selection and investigation, works in this section disclose new information on the chosen topic.

Generation hate

David Harrison, Lee Sorrell, James Kleinfeld, Phil Rees | Al Jazeera Media Network

In a two-part investigation, Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit goes undercover to expose France’s far-right and reveals secret links between violent extremists and one of France’s biggest political parties. Marine Le Pen recently changed the name of the National Front as part of efforts to reform the party’s image and make it more acceptable to French voters. However, an Al Jazeera reporter uncovers close connections between senior politicians in Le Pen’s party and Generation Identity (GI), a far-right youth movement dedicated to expelling Muslims from Europe.

GI activists are secretly filmed carrying out racist beatings and performing Nazi salutes. Aurelien Verhassel, the leader of GI branch in the French city of Lille, has convictions for violence but still recruits far-right activists to work in political posts for Le Pen’s party. Elected members of Le Pen’s party in the European Parliament are also caught declaring their support for Generation Identity and its anti-Muslim policies.

Myanmar’s killing fields

Evan Williams | Evan Williams Productions/Mongoose Pictures

A Dispatches special edition from a multi-award-winning team of producer/reporter Evan Williams (Escape from Isis, The Hunt for Boko Haram, Unreported World) and director Patrick Wells (Isis and the Battle for Iraq). For the past five years an undercover network of Rohingya activists have been risking their lives to secretly film evidence of years of repression, violence and mass murder by the Myanmar authorities.

Dispatches has been given exclusive access to hundreds of their videos and the first ever interview with the network to provide the most complete account of how ethnic tension degenerated into what some are calling state-sanctioned genocide, and ask whether Myanmar’s leaders – including Nobel Prize-winning Aung San Suu Kyi – could be held accountable for the atrocities committed in Myanmar’s killing fields.

Online crooks, stealing hearts (and wallets)

Isabelle Ducret | RTS

Sentimental scams often leave in their wake men and women both ruined and sentimentally broken. Bernard dreamed of a tender retirement alongside a young Frenchwoman. Julie thought she had found love with her handsome and considerate German.

Mostly based in Africa, the hustlers hide behind fake attractive Facebook profiles pictures of Westerners and seduce their prey after meeting them on social networks or dating sites. Journalists investigate.