Reportage Medium

For released or unreleased reportage works that are up to 27 minutes long. Using an original approach, works in this section analyse contemporary social phenomena from a new point of view.

After the war: Afghanistan

Rodrigo Hernández | Muzungu Producciones, teleSUR

Afghanistan is an empires cemetery. First, they were invaded by the British, then by the Soviets and ultimately by the United States. None of these empires defeated them. 17 years after the last military intervention, led by Washington, Rodrigo Hernández came to Afghanistan to discover the consequences. Afghanistan is the poorest and more illiterate Asian country. The sectarian divisions and the insurgent groups that offer their protection are growing. The Taliban are regaining some of the lost ground and they control almost half of the country.

A territory contested by the Al Qaeda leftovers and the emergent Daesh. A war of all against all with more than 50,000 dead.
After the War is a documentary series focused on recent conflicts where the wounds are still fresh. Reporters lead us to know the images and testimonies of the true protagonists: civilians exposed to the social, political, economic and territorial breakdown caused by wars.

Elalab – Zé Wants to Know Why

Diogo Cardoso, Sofia da Palma Rodrigues | Bagabaga Studios, Divergente

In recent years, the inhabitants of Elalab – a remote village in Guinea-Bissau – have been embroiled in an uphill battle against rising sea levels. Zé is one of the oldest men in the community and his recollections represent the collective memories, anxieties and fears. “Why is this happening?” he asks.

The inhabitants of Elalab don’t know what global warming is, they haven’t even ever heard the term, but they describe all its effects, against which they are forced to fight, with upsetting accuracy.

Mexico: in search of lost migrants

Alex Gohari, Léo Mattei | ARTE GEIE, Nova Prod

Former Mexican illegal immigrant Ruben Figueroa has set himself a goal: find migrants who disappear while fleeing poverty in their own country in order to find work and a better life in the United States.

In his quest, he found out that some have disappeared during their voyage on “La Bestia”, the freight train that takes them to the US border, some others, mostly women, have ended up in Chiapas brothels. He just needs to find them, dead or alive.