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The 2021 Watchdog, designed by artist Stefano Ricci.

We have 100 days to make our festival better, stronger and more free.

If you believe journalism is an important value for society and for democracy, you can help us to support DIG’s mission and protect its independence, by donating to the crowdfunding campaign for #DIG2021.

100% of the donations gathered through this campaign will go to finance the activities of DIG Festival 2021: Unmute , which will be held in Modena from 30 September to 3 October.

Screenings, talks, debates, lectures, concerts and training seminars: we shall invest the proceeds of this campaign in giving space to voices that are underrepresented in the international public debate, yet not for this reason any less important.

The funds raised will also be used to finance an investigative documentary through the DIG Pitch: our funding prize dedicated to freelance journalists and conferred by an international jury.

In exchange for a donation, on the basis of the reward you choose, you will be given access to exclusive experiences throughout the festival, the viewing of the finest documentaries of the year, or you will receive limited-edition merchandising and an unmissable artist’s print.

Support DIG through the crowdfunding campaign on Produzioni dal Basso, here.