DIG Festival 2022. First names announced!

There will also be legendary Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa, awarded at IDFA and the Cannes Film Festival, among the headliners of the 2022 edition of DIG Festival, taking place in Modena, Italy, on September 22th to 25th, featuring an international programme with more than 80 events including panels, workshops, film premieres, art and music.

Other notable guests will include Danish investigative documentary filmmaker Mads Brügger, a true icon of undercover journalism; Irish reporter Sally Hayden, winner of the Orwell Prize 2022 with her book My Fourth Time, We Drowned, on human trafficking in Libya; and Avi Mograbi, the documentary filmmaker whose work has best chronicled Israel’s occupation policy in the Gaza Strip.

Representatives from key realities of the most innovative investigative journalism will also be at DIG Festival. Among others, Bellingcat and Forensic Architecture, whose investigative techniques have been able to unveil abuses and war crimes in conflict zones, most recently in the Ukrainian context, will participate into panels and workshop.

DIG Festival 2022: “Stay Gold” will begin on September 22th with the opening of the solo exhibition of acclaimed artist Gabriella Giandelli, author of the 2022 edition’s “Watchdog”, the symbol of investigative journalism and of each edition of DIG Festival.Following this, the inaugural lectiones will take place.

This year, they will be taught by intellectuals Maria Nadotti, essayist and translator, and Silvia Federici, one of the most prominent living philosophers and theorists of feminism. They will officially open the Festival in the setting of the Chiesa di San Carlo.

The main topics that will be discussed during “DIG Festival 2022: Stay Gold” encompass conflicts, propaganda and journalism, the great crises of our time, and technological authoritarianism. This edition is also dedicated to the memory of Matteo Scanni – DIG’s founder, journalist, documentary filmmaker, longtime director of the School of Journalism of the Catholic University in Milan – who died prematurely on January 27th 2022: stay gold, was one of Scanni’s mottos and the invitation he loved to spur young journalists to remain incorruptible and to continue to search for the truth without compromising.

DIG is also cinema and great documentaries: for four days in the halls of the historic Cinema Astra the shortlisted films in the five categories of the DIG Awards will be screened in the presence of their authors who will travel to Modena from all over the world. In addition to the titles in competition, the Festival presents, as it does every year, a rich section of extra screenings: the showcases dedicated to Loznitsa’s, Mograbi’s and Brügger’s works, among others.

As always, the Festival will also host the DIG Academy training sessions, through which DIG offers 12 free advanced training workshops, open to all and accredited by the Italian Ordine dei giornalisti, hosted inside the San Paolo Complex and in the Department of Law of the University of Modena.

The full programme of the 2022 edition will be revealed starting in the coming weeks on the dig-awards.org website and on DIG’s social media channels.

“Since 2015, what makes DIG Festival so unique is its focus on in-depth analyses and contamination, on free and oblique looks, on sharing knowledge through dozens of events, exclusive film reviews, advanced training workshops, and original artistic and cultural events,” says Alberto Nerazzini, investigative journalist and DIG President.”DIG confirms its support for investigative journalism and the growth of its large community made up of authors, journalists and citizens who are not satisfied and want to stay gold, as in being aware, informed, free and incorruptible, just as exhorted by Matteo Scanni, co-founder and president, a fraternal friend and fellow traveler who left us too soon, without leaving us alone. The necessary and ambitious program of this eighth edition is obviously dedicated to him.”

“DIG Festival represents one of the most important events in the cultural scene in Modena and beyond,” comments Andrea Bortolamasi, culture councillor of the city of Modena, a city that has strongly supported the project since 2020 together with its Foundation and the Emilia Romagna Region. “DIG is courage, participation, civic engagement: we want to make sure that it grows and develops more and more in Modena, which is now a city of festivals.”

DIG Festival is an independent event and its funding comes largely from public funds: in 2022, from Regione Emilia-Romagna and Film Commission ER, Comune di Modena and Fondazione di Modena. DIG supporters are Google News Initiative, Fondazione e Ordine Giornalisti Emilia-Romagna, Aser, Coop Alleanza 3.0. Other partners are Fondazione Collegio San Carlo, Unimore, DHIALOGUE, FEM, AGO and Festivalfilosofia, together with Assicoop and Librerie Coop, Bunker, Tintoria Emiliana, Galleria D406, Squadro Stamperia Galleria d’Arte, Cinema Astra, Juta, Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, Fondazione Moleskine, Sartoria Comunicazione.