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“Double Exposure”. Collective exhibition with Inga Levi, Vvanya Samokrutkin, Center for Spatial Technologies + Forensic Architecture

With Inga Levi

20 September 2023    18:30 - 21:30

Sede DIG

Via Santa Chiara 14
Modena, MO 41121 Italia


Opening of the new DIG headquarters with the vernissage of “Double Exposure”, a collective exhibition curated by Matilde Piazzi and Alessandro Kostis of Grabinski Point.

We invited a plurality of native voices capable of recounting the horror of a lived war and the emancipation of struggle to speak and space.  

On display are drawings (pencil on paper, 20.5 x 20.5 cm) from the “Double Exposure” series that Kyiv-based artist Inga Levi has been making since the third day of the large-scale Russian attack and counts, since then, almost one drawing a day.

The work is an atlas of crimes against humanity, a diary of post-photographic «double exposures» of media images and biographical episodes that they reveal the horror in its minimalism, caught in the banality of the news language.

Beyond document and diary, “Double Exposure” is also a powerful reflection on what the contemporary experience of war is, suspended between mediation and direct perception. 

Making its national debut, “A city within a building. Part one: the Russian airstrike on the Mariupol Theater”, a video investigation by Center for Spatial Technologies – a Kyiv-based group of architects, researchers and educators – and Forensic Architecture – a multidisciplinary research group based at Goldsmiths University of London – demonstrates, through a 3-D reconstruction of the Mariupol Theater of Dramatic Art, possible thanks to the testimonies of survivors who inhabited it during the days of the siege, the evidence of a war crime: on March 16, 2022, the Russian army repeatedly and deliberately bombed the shelter of 1,000 civilians, mostly by women and children, killing 600, according to Associated Press.

Field recordings captured during the war and mixtapes by Vvanya Samokrutkin | Система, disseminated in the exhibition, dilate the space in a sonic journey from Odessa – suspended between the sounds of air raids and those of underground rap – to Lviv – amid traditional Ukrainian songs recorded at the Opera House-.

What unites the works of the artists in the exhibition is the use of data-documentary, testimonial and media-as an element capable of producing narratives, revolutionizing thoughts, creating imaginaries. Double Exposure is a choral picture that raises questions and suggests accessible avenues of research, declaring a desire to keep the focus on conflict high.


Inga Levi


Inga Levi was born and lives in Kiev (but temporarily relocated to Gdansk, Poland). Since 2000, she has been interested in urban space, architecture and monumental art. She works with graphic design and painting. Levi graduated from Kiev Polytechnic University…

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