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Migration and conflict: narrating the world on fire

With Francesca Mannocchi, May Bulman, Laura Silvia Battaglia

25 September 2022    16:30 - 17:30

Complesso San Paolo – Cortile del Leccio

Via Francesco Selmi, 67
Modena, 41121 Italia

Humanitarian crises have always represented some of the most tense and complex issues for journalists to cover. And they can, moreover, become the most representative events of a historical era. Ours will also be remembered for recurring migration crises, caused by political, war and environmental reasons around the world. The Mediterranean, in particular, has become one of the areas most tragically affected by these phenomena, as the news reports of recent years remind us. Three journalists with vast experience in the field, Francesca Mannocchi, Laura Silvia Battaglia and May Bulman, tell us how they “cover” these news stories, what it means to move through these scenarios, and what are the ethical challenges of journalism called upon to tell, often, the end of humanity.


Laura Silvia Battaglia

Journalist and documentarist

Laura Silvia Battaglia al-Jalal is a freelance award-winning journalist. She has worked in Middle Eastern conflict zones since 2007 with…

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May Bulman

Investigative Editor Lighthouse Reports

May Bulman is an award-winning journalist who specialises in reporting on migration and marginalised groups. She recently joined Lighthouse Reports…

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Francesca Mannocchi

Journalist and author

Francesca Mannocchi is an award-winning freelance journalist. She contributes to Italian TV, and Italian and international magazines. In recent years,…

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