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True crime for real. The powerful trend of investigative podcasting

With Susanne Reber, Alessia Cerantola, George Lavender, Adèle Humbert, James Edwards

24 September 2022    10:30 - 12:00

Complesso San Paolo – Sala del Leccio

Via Francesco Selmi, 67
Modena, 41121 Italia

Serialized podcasts have become a powerful opportunity for investigative journalism, allowing creators to explore major investigations in narrative and documentary audio traditions. Loyal true crime audiences are binging hours and hours of stories that take the listener deep into the twists and turns of the plots of non fiction. What are the advantages of audio for investigative work? What does it take to start working on serialized audio longform? In this panel you will meet three award winning journalists focussed on investigative mini series for an in depth discussion about the state of play in the market for investigative podcasts and what it takes to succeed in this medium.

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Alessia Cerantola

Journalist, OCCRP

Alessia Cerantola è coordinating editor dell’Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). Previously, she worked in Rome for Report, RAI.…

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James Edwards

Journalist and podcaster

James Edwards has held a variety of producing and reporting roles at media outlets such as FRONTLINE, WBEZ Chicago, Public…

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Adèle Humbert

CEO of Insider Podcast

Adèle Humbert is CEO at Insider Podcast. She is an investigative journalist and podcast producer based in Paris. She first…

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George Lavender

Journalist and podcaster

George Lavender is the Head of Miniseries at Wondery, an American podcast company. He is an executive producer on the…

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Susanne Reber

Scripps Washington Bureau

Susanne Reber is an award-winning investigative editor, executive producer and author. She leads the podcast team at Scripps Washington Bureau.…

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