Black Lobby

Country: Italia
Year: 2021
Duration: 13'
Directed by: Sacha Biazzo, Salvatore Garzillo, Luigi Scarano
Author: prova

The investigation, carried out using an undercover technique, shows how a group of neo-fascists and extremists managed to gain accreditation within the Italian institutional right. In Milan, far from the political spotlight, a group of freemasons, former soldiers, and businessmen have influenced political appointments and policy-making within Italy’s mainstream right-wing parties for years.

This “black lobby” tried to illegally finance the election campaign, mobilizing votes for Lega and Fratelli d’Italia. This video investigation, made by’s investigative team Blackstair and broadcasted by tv segment Piazza Pulita, forced the Italian right to deal with its nostalgic past and with a system going on for years, in which favors are exchanged, power seats are influenced, and black money circulates.

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