Cold Front

Production: DR
Country: Denmark
Year: 2023
Duration: 239'
Authors: Merle Baeré, Frederik Hugo Ledegaard

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a group of Nordic journalists have been digging ever deeper into a murky world of Russian spying, seabed warfare and disinformation. What they end up with is not just ONE story, but a range of stories that gives us a rare insight into how Russia conducts espionage.

During this yearlong investigation the team end up revealing the identity of 38 Russian intelligence officers in the Nordic countries, they reveal hidden Russian vessels near Nord Stream infrastructure, reveal an ongoing disinformation campaign and even a killing attempt. From the beginning, the team has been working with both audio and video to produce this podcast-series and a tv documentary (Shadow War).

For the podcast series the journalists have been sending each other sound messages every time they talked to a source, found new information or witnessed something. More than 300 sound messages in total that gives a unique insight into the investigative process.

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