County Lines

Production: Falling Tree, BBC Radio 4
Country: UK
Year: 2023
Duration: 28'
Authors: Phoebe McIndoe, Redzi Bernard

Four people recount their involvement with “county lines” – gangs that exploit children and vulnerable adults to sell drugs around the UK. Underneath their stories lies a series of unspoken, unanswered questions. Who gets to decide the boundary between criminal and victim? Why do we view ‘county lines’ through the lens of crime and punishment? And how well does the system support individuals and families devastated by the impact of ‘county lines’?

Co-producer Phoebe McIndoe steps into the frame to ask questions of her missing brother and to interrogate her own connection to “county lines”. “County Lines … exposed me to an underground world I didn’t know existed and it horrified me. Listening to great stuff like this really fucks you up because not much can compare when it comes to storytelling and audio quality and it makes other shows sound lazy.” (Lauren Passell, Podcast, The Newsletter) “[County Lines] will have you on the edge of your seat…” – CBC’s Podcast Playlist

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