How Frontex’s Surveillance at Sea is Used by Libya to Intercept Migrants

Production: Le Monde
Country: France
Year: 2023
Duration: 9'
Directed by: Arthur Carpentier

Several aircraft, a drone and hundreds of flying hours. Since 2018, Frontex has been providing Europe with intense surveillance in the skies over the Mediterranean. But the images the border guard agency produces are not just of use to member states: the Libyan authorities, who are not supposed to have direct access to them, also make use of them. This is evidenced by the publication of a dozen surveillance images on Libyan coastguard Facebook pages, between 2018 and 2022.

Le Monde has cross-checked these images with data available in open source (OSINT) and information gathered by NGOs active in the Mediterranean Sea, which they have agreed to provide to us. This work enables us to confirm that seven of these images were indeed produced by Frontex aircraft.

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