Myanmar. The Chin against the Junta

Production: Arte
Country: France
Year: 2022
Duration: 36'
Directed by: Antoine Védeilhé

In the mountains of the West of the country away from the world and the cameras, a place of a merciless war which does not spare civilians. The Chins, a Christian minority, resist and control much of their state. Deep in the mountains that border the Indian frontier, they established a training camp to form a resistance army. Armed with small weapons and unfailing determination, hundreds of young people have abandoned their work or their studies to face the Burmese forces on the ground. Far from their bases, the soldiers under the orders of the junta are struggling to gain ground and, faced with resistance, are unable to impose their control. In this war, civilians are paying a heavy price, victims of aerial bombardments by the junta, thousands of villagers have seen their homes destroyed and are forced into internal exile. With few means but a lot of courage, the Chin minority continues to hold its own against a regime they have sworn to bring down.

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