Please Protect Abraham

Production: Whistledown, BBC Radio 4
Country: UK
Year: 2022
Duration: 291'
Authors: Anishka Sharma, Sam Holder

The first major series investigating Britain’s witness protection system uncovers how serious flaws such as racial bias and a lack of lived experience amongst police officers have potentially fatal results. This 10-part series sensitively and skilfully retraces the story of 15-year-old Abraham Badru who saved a young girl from a gang-rape at knifepoint.

Despite facing death-threats, Abraham testified in court – putting 9 attackers in jail. He thought he’d be protected in return. He was later shot dead yards from his home. Unparalleled access led to extremely candid, emotional interviews enhanced by immersive sound-design – ensuring Abraham is showcased as an individual, elevated beyond a statistic.

The podcast highlights Abraham’s struggle as a young, working-class person of colour. Many listeners said the series has informed them of their rights for the first time, and having heard the podcast, the Metropolitan Police acknowledged the system’s deep need for improvement.

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