The Outlaw Ocean

Production: Outlaw Ocean Project, CBC, L.A. Times
Country: USA
Year: 2022
Duration: 352'
Author: Ian Urbina

Few places on the planet are as lawless as the high seas. Over the past eight years, investigative journalist Ian Urbina has gone to unusual lengths and at no small risk — reporting from seven oceans and 36 countries — to unveil a world that most of us did not know existed.

This seven-part podcast series, The Outlaw Ocean, chronicles the laws, lore and lifestyles of a hidden realm populated by traffickers, mercenaries, wreck thieves and repo men, vigilante conservationists and elusive poachers, oil-dumpers, shackled slaves and cast-adrift stowaways.

Through their stories of astonishing courage and brutality, the series uncovers a globe-spanning network of crime and exploitation on the high seas: men shackled like chattel on fishing vessels; a doctor who ferries desperate women to international waters to perform otherwise illegal abortions; the racing pursuit of Interpol’s most notorious maritime scofflaws.

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