DIG Awards 2021

Finalists: Audio

Reserved for journalistic audio storytelling products (single podcasts and whole audioseries) dealing with current issues with a range of investigative elements, using innovative approaches and an original slant. 

All The Prime Minister’s Men (Ep. 3)

Al Jazeera Investigations Unit | US/UK 2021 | 33′

The final episode of this three-part series concludes a gripping account of how a criminal family linked to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is colluding with Bangladesh’s security forces to capture a state. The two–year investigation produced a compelling podcast series that provides listeners a front row seat on real-time corruption. Undercover reporters expose how a member of a former street mafia has become chief of the Bangladesh army. He helped his siblings, who are convicted killers, evade justice. The brothers boast that they run paramilitary units to abduct rivals and earn millions in bribes. The investigation caused a firestorm in Bangladesh. The Dhaka media described it as “explosive” and “viral on social media”. The government run media rejected attempts “to debase a professionally highly skilled Chief of Army Staff without any valid evidence. The New Age, wrote in an editorial; “To the extent that it was a bombshell, ‘All the Prime Minister’s Men’ was a real stink bomb”.

Inside Lactalis – A law unto itself

Inès Léraud, Mariane Kerfriden | Disclose | France 2020 | 90′

Disclose has spent a year investigating the Lactalis ‘system’, involving numerous interviews and the study of hundreds of administrative and legal documents. This lengthy research reveals for the first time the extent of the group’s questionable practices, and also a certain sentiment of impunity that appears to be present within the multinational; failings in the field of food safety, massive pollution of rivers, the dissimulation of information, failings in control mechanisms, large-scale tax evasion and the hunting of whistleblowers. All of which is very far from the group’s official PR presentation of a business with “a strategy of proximity, respectful of the environment, of its people and demanding in the domain of sanitary standards. Created in partnership with “France Culture“.

Cry Like a Boy

Naira Davlashyan, Marta Rodríguez Martínez, Lillo Montalto Monella | Euronews | France 2020 | 5h33′

“Cry Like A Boy” is an Euronews original podcast series that examines the stories of African men who, under the pressure of rigid societal roles, are challenging what it means to “be a man” while campaigning for gender equality. Through its multifaceted exploration of toxic masculinity, the podcast rethinks the expression “cry like a girl” and shows how men manage and manifest their emotions. The (so far) 20 episodes of “Cry Like A Boy” combine on-the-ground reporting by local journalists across five African countries (Burundi, Senegal, Lesotho, Guinea, Liberia) with in-studio discussions that integrate both African and European perspectives. The stories are those of men striving for change, within themselves and their communities. From retired miners in Lesotho dealing with their past trauma to gay people fighting for their identity in the streets of Dakar, the podcast depicts men as part of the solution to some of the lingering structural issues at the root of gender inequality.