10 october 2020 | 13.15 – 14.15 | Cinema Astra, Sala Rubino | Ticket: 3€


Screening of the movie | Q&A with the authors

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By Kamal Redouani | France, 1h 1’
Original language with Italian subtitles

This extraordinary documentary gives viewers a keen understanding of the life lived by Western jihadists and their families in Syria, under the ISIS caliphate. In October 2018, an informant for European intelligence services gave investigative reporter Kamal Redouani the GPS coordinates of several sites where French jihadists had lived inside Syria. As in his previous documentary, “Inside the Monster’s Mind,” Kamal Redouani delved headlong into the investigation, gathering a bevy of eye-opening information from new sources about the path trod by European jihadists, gleaned from internal caliphate documents and videos filmed by ISIS for its own use.