9 october 2020 | 13.15 – 14:00 | Cinema Astra, Sala Rubino | Ticket: 3€


Screening of the movie | Category “Investigative Long”

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By Gaétan Pouliot, Marie-Maude Denis | Canada, 42’
Screening in original language with English subtitles

Born in Montelepre, Sicily, Lino Saputo established himself with his family in Montréal, Canada in the 50’s where he built a multinational cheese empire. Lino Saputo is now one of Canada’s most prosperous businessmen. He was the long time president of Saputo inc., a multi-billion dollar dairy conglomerate. His family also owns the FC Bologna football club. However, suspected links to organized crime have sometimes tainted Lino Saputo’s success.

In his autobiography published in the fall of 2019, Saputo devotes an entire chapter denying his connection to the mafia. But new evidence unearthed by Radio-Canada’s investigative program, Enquête, reveals Lino Saputo has had decade-long links to organized crime figures. One of those figures was none other than Joe Bonnano, the godfather of the Bonnano’s, a notorious New York mafia syndicate.