Bloody Money

By Sacha Biazzo (Italy 2018), 26′ (2018 special mention)

Bloody Money is a journalistic investigation into waste trafficking in Italy and the political system which lies behind it – corrupted tenders, illicit waste disposal, and bribes. For months, journalist Sacha Biazzo has worked with an infiltrator, former cooperating witness Nunzio Perrella, who got in contact with intermediaries linked to Regione Campania, the local government of one of the largest Southern Italian regions. Here, hundreds of millions of euros have been invested into waste disposal, without solving the chronical emergency affecting Naples and its surroundings. Meanwhile, the costs of waste management went up, and corrupted politicians got richer. After spreading the word that they were interested in waste trafficking, Bloody Money team ended up sitting at the table where big negotiations take place. As a result of their discovering, Italian magistrates opened an inquiry and seventeen peoples are currently under investigation.

This documentary is part of “DIG: Lockdown Tapes”, a playlist of journalistic documentaries featuring the best projects awarded by DIG Awards in the past years. The playlist is a DIG initiative for continuing its mission in defense of investigative journalism also during the quarantine. All the available movies are here.