10 october 2020 | 18:00 – 20:00 | Cinema Astra | Ticket: 5€

XY Chelsea

With director Tim Travers Hawkins and Philip Di Salvo (DIG)

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By Tim Travers Hawkins | UK, 1h 33’
Original language with Italian subtitles

The historic story of whistle-blower Chelsea Manning, whose 35-year sentence in an all-male maximum security prison was commuted by President Obama in 2017.

Shot over two years and featuring exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes verité with Manning, the film picks up on the momentous day in May when she leaves prison and follows her through her journey of discovery, while also examining her place in the conversation on national security and the fight of the transgender community for rights and visibility. Director Tim Travers Hawkins and researcher Philip Di Salvo will introduce the movie.