DIG presents “Decompressed Prism” by Salvatore Vitale

From March 4th to June 5th 2022, Fondazione Modena Arti Visive (FMAV) in Modena, Italy will host the new video installation by visual artist Salvatore Vitale. “Decompressed Prism”  is a site-specific installation designed for the FMAV’s Sala Grande in Palazzo Santa Margherita with and curated by Chiara Dall’Olio.

The installation combines elements of fiction, documents and real data, original footage and archival research in order to reveal the paradoxes of the systemic logic of social monitoring. “Decompressed Prism” is centered around a visual essay that starts from a basic idea: today, we all live in something that increasingly resembles an airport.

Airports are in fact the most controlled places and despite being transit areas, this is where surveillance has the strongest impact on human behavior: travelers are monitored in their physical experience, constantly “seen” by cameras and sensors, and through their data, analyzed and monitored by biometric technologies of different types for security reasons.

Salvatore Vitale’s new project therefore invites us to reflect on the dematerialization of bodies and on the possible counter-strategies that we, citizens and political subjects, can undertake to promote greater transparency of the systems that regulate society and that shape individual codes and behaviors. Researcher and DIG board member Philip Di Salvo also contributed to the project as an author.

The exhibition is the result of the collaboration between DIG and Fondazione Modena Arti Visive (FMAV) and is organized with the support of the Swiss foundation for culture ProHelvetia. For DIG, this is a unique opportunity to continue the exploration of some of the issues that are most dear to us, such as surveillance, the social impact of technology and the narratives of the contemporary. Furthermore, it is a further opportunity to establish roots in the city of Modena beyond the days of our festival and to collaborate with the cultural realities of the city.

The opening of the exhibition will be held on 4 March at 6 pm, and is open to the public (in compliance with the anti-Covid regulations in force). All information is available here.

Salvatore Vitale (Palermo, 1986) is an artist, lecturer and co-founder and editor-in-chief of YET, an international photography magazine based in Switzerland. His work focuses on the study of the complexity of modern societies through the analysis of power structures, political cosmologies and technological mediation. His work has been awarded internationally: Swiss Arts Council (2015-2016), the Phmuseum Award (2017), Swiss Design Awards (2018), Foam Talent (2018), Punctum Award (2018) and Pro Helvetia Shanghai Research Grant (2019-2020). Solo exhibitions at: Swiss Foundation for Photography Winterthur (2018), Fotomuseum Winterthur (2020), Fotogalleriet Oslo (2020), the Photofo- rum Pasquart Biel / Bienne (2017), MO-CAK – Museum of Contemporary Art, Krakow (2018) , Hamburg Triennale of Photography (2018).