André-Line Beauparlant

Director and Screenwriter

Graduated in cinema from Université de Montréal and in set design from the National Theatre School, André-Line Beauparlant is an artistic director who produced over twenty award-winning films in Quebec and abroad, including Gaz Bar Blues, La moitié gauche du frigo, Incendies, En terrains connus, Inch’Allah, 4 soldats and Tu dors Nicole. In 2000, she directed Trois princesses pour Roland (Hot-Docs Award for Best Direction, 2002), her first documentary. This was followed by two films that earned her recognition from her peers and the industry: Le petit Jésus (Hot-Docs Award for Best Direction, 2005) and Panache. Pinocchio is her 4th feature-length documentary, which won her a special mention from the jury at RIDM. In 2016, André-Line Beauparlant was awarded the Prix de la création by the Observatoire du cinéma au Québec in recognition of her contribution to our national cinematography.

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