Serena Tinari

Investigative journalist

Serena Tinari has lived in Bern since 2000 and has been a journalist since 1994. She worked for several years as an investigative documentary filmmaker pr Swiss public television (RSI and SRF). At DIG she has been involved in mentoring DIG Pitch finalists for years, paired with Susanne Reber. Serena deals with topics such as conspiracy, human rights violations, and digital society. With colleague Catherine Riva, she co-founded Re-Check, Investigating and Mapping Health Affairs, an investigative journalism and academic research organization. In 2021, Serena Tinari won the “In difesa della ragione” prize, awarded by CICAP. Serena is part of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and was a longtime board member and then president of the Swiss organization for investigative journalism

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