About us

DIG is a non-profit association which since 2015 has supported journalism, in particular investigative journalism in all its forms, both in Italy and around the world. Our motto is “I wanna be your watchdog”.

DIG stands for “Documentari, Inchieste, Giornalismi” (“Documentaries, Investigations, Journalisms”), and also reflects the act of “digging” deeper.

Since 2015, we organize and promote a Festival which has become a point of reference for those journalists who focus on investigation and reportage.

During this annual event, we try to highlight voices and stories underrepresented or invisible in the mainstream media, inviting journalists, documentary filmmakers, whistleblowers, activists, writers and artists to take to the stage.

Since 2020, the Festival has been held in Modena, at the start of autumn.

Our vocation is international: since 2015, we have welcomed 300 guests from over 40 different countries.

Every year we elect an international jury that assigns our prestigious DIG Awards, and which includes notable names from the world of journalism. So far, our Jury presidents have been Naomi Klein, Pietro Pellegrin, Gavin MacFadyen, Jeremy Scahill, Günter Wallraff and Alexander Nanau.

A word from our President

“I’m very lucky to be something like the father of this fantastic group of people, of this family which every year meets up to exchange experiences, share projects and stories, to recount a stretch of road that has been travelled along. They are all extraordinary people, and I hope you are lucky enough to have met them around here, in the places where we have been screening these films, where we have been discussing, because they can offer you alternative points of view, perhaps make you change your mind on a number of major issues that we are concerned with, perhaps set you on the right path to understanding what the media hasn’t been telling you, and just what this thing is that we call ‘truth’ or at least the search for the truth which lies at the heart of our work. There’s one thing that I like to say to the whole family here at DIG, and it’s an English expression that I’m very fond of: ‘stay gold’, meaning don’t give in to compromise, do and keep doing what you have been doing because it’s the right thing even if it’s tiring.”

● Matteo Scanni, DIG President