Dig Pitch

Il DIG Pitch premia ogni anno un progetto di inchiesta/reportage video in sviluppo o pre-produzione, focalizzato su temi di rilevanza internazionale. Gli autori finalisti presentano il proprio progetto a una Giuria internazionale e a una platea di osservatori composta da broadcaster, produttori e commissioning editor, in una sessione pubblica di pitching che si terrà al DIG Festival.

Nel corso del pitch, gli autori avranno a disposizione un massimo di 5 minuti per esporre – in inglese – il contenuto del progetto e un massimo di 3 minuti per mostrare un teaser che presenti l’argomento, i personaggi, l’ambientazione e lo stile del racconto. All’esposizione seguirà una sessione di domande della Giuria. Oltre alla qualità e all’originalità del soggetto, la Giuria prenderà in considerazione l’effettiva possibilità di realizzare il progetto e la sua sostenibilità economica.

In preparazione al pitch, i finalisti potranno partecipare a una sessione formativa gratuita, condotta da tutor con esperienza internazionale, condotta da Susanne Reber e Serena Tinari.

Vulture’s Nest

Adriana Cardoso

In Spain, housing is no longer a right, but a financial asset. Houses without people and people without houses. Vulture funds are drawing this situation and the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect canvas. Spain is only the battlefield of a global war. Its low legislation and high dependence on the real estate market, makes Spain the perfect first victim of the vulture funds. However, other international markets are starting to become the following targets. Government and investment funds on one side. On the other, activists and the people that resist. 

Searching for lost cells

Valeria Mazzucchi, Antoine Harari, Lorenzo Bagnoli

Imagine a cell bank containing more than 330000 stem cells samples ceasing activity from one day to the next. Then locate it in Switzerland and find out there wasn’t any control over the quality of the storage or even the location of those cells. Add to the story an initial down payment of 3000 euros per umbilical cord stored which leads you to more than 3 billion euros that have now disappeared.

Mungiki: a multitude of reasons

Niccolò Natali, Peter Wangugi Gitau

The Mungiki movement is often referred to as Kenya’s Cosa Nostra – however, reality is more complex, and Mungiki means different things to different people. As elections loom and the movement grows from rural Kenya to Nairobi’s middle class, filmmaker Peter Wangugi Gitau searches for its true definition in an attempt to retrace his cultural identity.


Joana Moncau

Two Munduruku women – a tribal leader and a lawyer – fight to stop Bolsonaro’s projects in the Amazon. An invisible poison threatens their people’s survival: the mercury which used to extract gold from their territory. Their struggle to protect the Amazon rainforest is for the whole of humanity. This is a David vs. Goliath fight for the rainforest.


Perla Sardella

A group of dockworkers of the Port of Genoa, united under the name CALP (Autonomous Dockworkers Collective), decides that ships carrying war weapons are not welcome in their docks: they’ll be used in the Yemen conflict and they don’t want any part, even if indirectly, in it. They’re striking  and fighting against the authorities, with the support of some unions and other organisations, because their hands won’t be loading or unloading those cargos anymore.

El Coqui presidente

Marco Salustro

As the Chavez and Maduro governments were unable to effectively address crime and corruption problems , in an attempt to pacify the country “peace zones” were established. Many of these so-called “peace zones” turned to feuds of drug lords who in fact rule those areas as microstates.

The Last Drop

Silvia Storchi

In spite of potential triggered seismicity and groundwater contamination, oil companies carry on drilling, complicit public institutions. In northern Italy, a group of citizens who were left homeless by the last earthquakes, lead us to question environmental and civil security around hydrocarbon activities.

International Arbitration Unlimited

Alexander Damiano Ricci e Giovanni Culmone

After having participated in a political revolution that transformed their country for the better, a group of Armenia citizens decides to block a gold mine in the Southern Armenian province of Vayots Dzor due to environmental concerns. The fact triggers a reaction of Lydian International Ltd., a multinational business which is backed by Western private and public investors and with headquarters more than eight thousand kilometres away.

A real supreme

Francesca Sironi e Alberto Gottardo

An unknown Italian entrepreneur is fooling some of the coolest brands in the world. For years no one’s been able to stop him. But now a quiet taxman is ready to settle old scores.

Criminal with ties

Jair Cabrera e Rodrigo Hernandez

The face of drug trafficking in Mexico has changed. It controls the poor neighborhoods and the drugs, but also the big companies, and the legal businesses like avocado or construction. New face but same victims. This is the story of a community that stood against them.