Surrounded by Isis 

by Xavier Muntz / Premières Lignes
France 2015, 52 min. (vincitore categoria “Video reporting”, 2015)


In December 2014 ISIS militants managed to completely surround the town of Sinjar in Iraq. The Yedezi Kurdish residents of the mountain town, which lies about 50km from the Syrian border, are trapped. But they are not beaten. Xavier Muntz was dropped by helicopter into Sinjar and spent three weeks among the inhabitants as they fought for their lives and their homeland. The war is part of the daily life in this remote place. ISIS kills men and sexually enslaves women. Resisting is necessary, despite an insufficient and outdated arsenal.After many massacres of their people, those left here are afraid but defiant against extremists who want to destroy them and their way of life forever. Extraordinary and exclusive footage from inside the war against ISIS.

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